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Don't Make That Job Offer.

A high profile banking client assigned us to recruit a Senior Vice President. This was to be a vital role for the company, which was at a crucial, vulnerable stage in its development.

We presented five candidates. The client liked four of them, and moved three to the next stage of the process. After a number of additional interviews they were prepared to make an offer to one of the candidates.

Meanwhile, our research had found another individual we thought was superior to the almost-chosen candidate. The problem was that this new candidate was half way around the world on holiday and would not be returning for two weeks. We thought highly of this individual and recommended that our client hold off on any decision until they could meet this person.

Two weeks later, the client and candidate met for the first time, and hit it off immediately. Subsequent interviews were quickly arranged, references were thoroughly checked and an offer was extended to this candidate — and accepted. One year later, the company has through its vulnerable period and this executive was one of the key resources in making it happen.

That Fresh Look At the Market.

Most of the time executive search firms are hired because they know the client's industry. In one particular case though we were hired specifically because we did not know the client's industry. Our client, a medium-sized firm offering business services, wanted to conduct an executive search for a senior executive to head up its new division.

Our firm was not well connected in this company's specialty area, and the client knew that. But they didn't want to see the same old faces. They wanted a fresh look - a custom designed search, and some ongoing guidance, from a consultant whose judgement they trusted. And that's what they received.

The search was a success, and the candidate continues to do well.

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Seeing Beyond the Resume.

Even very good candidates sometimes fail at resume writing, particularly when in a hurry. An experienced search consultant will have the knowledge of a wide variety of industries and be able to spot the small details that can mean the difference between passing over a resume and giving it extra attention. Because of its remote location, we were having difficulty filling a COO position in a narrowly focused, Home Finance sector. The resume in question, at first and even second glance, lacked the details of specific experience that we were looking for, except there was one company name - a somewhat obscure company in the Retail industry - that signalled experience we were looking for. We pursued this candidate and he was selected. A year later he is a star performer in this multi-division organization.
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